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Model NO. C450i/C550i/C650i
Model NO. CLT-K659S/ CLT-C659S/ CLT-M659S/ CLT-Y659S
Model NO. C13S110078,C13S110079,C13S110080
Model NO. DR512K,DR512CMY
Model NO. MLT-D203S,MLT-D203L,MLT-D203E,MLT-D203U
Model NO. MLT-D111S,MLT-D111L
Model NO. 50F1000,50F2000,50F3000,50F4000,50F5000
Model NO. 106R04348,106R04347
Model NO. HP W1330A/W1331A/W1332A chip
Model NO. HP CF258A,CF259A,CF276A chip
Model NO. 56F1H00,56F2H00,56F3H00,56F4H00,56F5H00,56F6H00
Model NO. Ricoh IM C2000/2500
Model NO. 46508712,46508711,46508710,46508709

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